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And now, the Acid Survivors Foundation

Pix from the BBC

After Mumbai's amusing "All India Letter Writers Association" comes Dhaka's "Acid Survivors Foundation". And pray, what is that? It's an activist organisation of those who had the misfortune to find acid thrown on their faces as revenge for personal disputes. While this is regularly inflicted upon women in India by men who are not able, for some reason or the other, to have their love reciprocated or consummated in marriage. In Bangladesh, however, property disputes seem to be the primary motive, or so reports the BBC.

In the award-winning Bangladeshi blog "The 3rd World View," Rezwan writes:

"Thanks to the introduction of rigorous law (death penalty) against the abusers, acid throwing attacks on women have been reduced."

That raises an alarm for those against death penalty on the grounds that speedy delivery of justice has been found to be a greater deterrent to crime than capital punishment. But hey, check out the BBC link that Rezwan provides and you'll see that that still holds true:

Acid-throwing cases are now heard in Bangladesh by special fast-track courts empowered to pass the death penalty.

This has helped to shorten the trial period significantly, campaigners say.

However Ms Rahman said that in most cases the accused are acquitted because of the absence of witnesses.

"Often the accused buys the witnesses, threatens the victim's family and even tries to bribe them with financial benefits in order to settle the case outside the court," she said.

Considering this state of affairs, it is fascinating that the United Nations has elected Bangladesh as one of 53 countries that together make the UN Commission on Human Rights for 2005. Acid throwing is not the only recreational activity of the Bangaldeshis that makes their human rights record so admirable. Other games include relentless persecution of the minority Ahmadiyya community, deteriorating press freedom, and arbitly killing Indian soldiers.

Ironically, this is the same country that sought independence from Pakistan because of human rights abuses by the Pakistani army in the late 'Sixties. (That reminds me of General Aurora who just passed away. To think that Aurora and Niazi were educated together in a Quetta college!)

But don't worry, Bangladesh has fitting company at the UNHRC in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe! Looks like the UN has interesting ideas about how to guard human rights that it so enthusiastically promised to in 1948.

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-- Anonymous Anonymous, 6/15/2005 12:28:00 am

Acid throwing eh!! heh heh... laughter seems so ironic in this situation. In My country(that is Bangladesh) women are sometimes still considered like "cows",married or impregnated to raise a healthy steed that would fulfill the vintage-glory of the male dominated society. Acid throwing might have been pacified to some extent but total annihilation of this barbaric scripture is almost like a mathematical improbability. We bangladeshi man like watching the poly-peptides of a so called "betraying" women's face melt away with the oxidising effect of an inorganic acid. Our minister pay decent homage to rich businessmen and their hired SLUTS,drive in mustangs but seem "deaf dumb and blind" to the cries of the oppressed women. My sis is an assistant prof at Dhaka Med College(the biggest med org in BD) and whenever i take a visit with her in the Hospital, mutilated visions surround me...people lying in filth,working as staging and nurturing ground for Ebola-virus..coughing and spitting blood and mucus..while the rich and the raz-ma-taz dudes have time outs in their virtual poker game.

Lets face is..if the word "screwed" was a definite integral we would have been an answer with an integration constant..which is offcourse a mathematical improbability as well.

-someguy from bangladesh    

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