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Nida Fazli

LK Advani and others on a Toyota rath in 1990, Delhi.
Pix by Shanker Chakravarty in Frontline

Via Secular Right, a "pretty cool Nida Fazli verse", title not given:

Mujhe maloom hai tumharey naam sey mansoob hain tootey huey sooraj
Shikasta chand, kala aasmaan, curfew-zada rahein
Sulagtey khel ke maidan, roti cheekhti maae'n
Mujhe maaloom hai charo taraf jo ye tabahi hai
Hukumat mein siyasat ke tamashe ki gawahi hai
Tumhein Hindu ki chaahat hai na Muslim se adaavat hai
Tumhara dharm sadiyon se tijarat tha tijarat hai
Mujhe maloom hai lekin tumhe mujrim kahoon kaisey
Adaalat mein tumharey jurm ko sabit karoon kaisey
Tumhari jeib mein khanjar na haaton mein koi bum tha
Tumharey rath pe to Mariyada Purshottam ka parcham tha.

Jawed Naqvi's bad prose translation:

I know, and we all know, that this bleakness, this all-round destruction is your handiwork. You have no love for the Hindu nor enmity with the Muslim. Religion is merely your merchandise which you have used to fill your brimming coffers. But I can't prove you guilty before a magistrate since I did not actually see you plunge a knife or hurl a bomb at anyone. In fact, I know, we all know, that you were carrying aloft that fateful day not an ordinary weapon of death, but the flag proclaiming your affinity with the pious Lord Ram himself.

Nida Fazli lives in Mumbai, and the above lines, accordng to Naqvi, were written recently in response to the Gujarat pogrom, and not in 1990 as Gaurav Sabnis claims. Gaurav informs that much of Jagjit Singh's ghazals are written by Fazli.

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-- Blogger Anand, 5/06/2005 07:53:00 pm

very nice the nida fazli...
he's among my favourites
and yes he has written for a lot of jagjits alnums,
the best of which was 'insight', circa 1993    

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