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The Times of Crap

Update on 7 June:
Thanks to a friend's friend who works at ToI, I now know the reason for this selective targeting and the sudden hiring spree at the Slimes: the poaching by DNA in Mumbai at salaries sometimes five times higher than what they were getting at the Slimes. There was panic at Times House but the Jains hit back by saying there's no dearth of supply, only of demand: so these badly written ads for stenographers appeared. Also, there were no ads for Jesus and Mary College and the Delhi School of Economics as I had earlier mentioned. Only JNU, Stephen's and LSR - at least in Delhi.

Job Function : Content/Editors/Journalists

Specialization : Others
Industry : Journalism
Qualification : Graduate
Experience : 0 -1
Level : Entry Level/Fresher
Location : Delhi

The Times of St. Stephen's - The Times of India

JOB DESCRIPTION: We invite applications from the Alma-mater of St. Stephen`s only for career in Journalism who could well be termed as architects of change in times to come, your ambition our aspiration.... wewill build together, irrespective of whether you are currently a journalist or not. Candidates with Economics, International studies, Philosophical & Spiritual studies would be preferred. Passion to hammer fat-free words that digest well with the masses fit the frame and that matters more for this role. The position will groom you for roles of reporting, editing, who knows you may be guru of journalism in years to come ....come xplore.

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: The Times of India Group is India`s largest media and entertainment conglomerate. We have emerged as a major Infotainment Company with large presence in Internet activities, Entertainment, Retailing, Radio, Multimedia, Events and Publishing. Our Brands The Times Of India, The Economic Times, Navbharat Times, Maharashtra Times, Femina & Filmfare are by far the largest selling newspapers and magazines in India. Technology has been our lifeline, and with its innovative use we have seen the group establish itself as a market leader. We are an institution, which prides itself in its positive work environment centered on customer satisfaction, professional achievement and continuous learning.

This advertisement was all over the place in The Times of India some days ago. Not that I saw it, because I don't read that paper, but friends told me. So I found it on timesjobs.com. The hilarious thing about the ad is the opening sentence: "We invite applications from the Alma-mater of St. Stephen`s..." Now ToI editors (or rather the marketing guys, who must have written this after being ordered to by one of the Jains) need some help from my copy of the Oxford Talking Dictionary CD:

Alma Mater: /alm mt, met-/ n. phr. Pl. Alma Maters, (rare) Almae Matres /alm mtrez, almi metriz/.
[L = bounteous mother, a title given to various Roman goddesses, esp. Ceres and Cybele.]
1 Someone or something providing nourishment and care.
2 esp. A university or school as regarded by its past and present members.


alumnus /lmns/ n. Pl. -ni /-n/.
[L = nursling, pupil, f. alere nourish.]
Formerly, a pupil. Now spec., a (male) graduate or former student of a school, college, university, or other educational institution.

So who is the 'Alma-mater' of St. Stephen's College? Delhi Times?!

Not so long ago, The Slimes of India had displayed its ignorance of the term 'spoof', promptly exposed by Indian blogosphere. They could silence Mediaah! but they can't possible sue all of us bloggers.

Stephen's is not the only elite institution they targeted. They did the same for St. Xavier's in Mumbai - the incorrect syntax and typos intact! Friends tell me (and they all read that paper and bitch about it; I don't see why they have to read it at all) that they also did this to the Delhi School of Economics, Jesus and Mary College and Jawaharlal Nehru University.

This means they spared Lady Shri Ram College? Probably an impact of their robust journalism department.

At first I was outraged when I read the Stephen's ad: how could they be so openly elitist? But given that Stephen's was one of a cartel amongst their target. But I now understand their strategy. You graduated from one of these institutions this summer and are not sure about a postgrad and you wake up one morning in late May and see this ad and decide what the heck, this is flattering, let's try the interview!

If your college's "Alma-mater" was invited, you as an alumnus were clearly not! Yet if you were flattered enough to walk-in for the interview, you probably don't know how journalists and editors are treated at the Times. You need a small reading list:

Is this journalism?
Would you like to be in the news? Want a picture on the front page of Bombay Times? Just pay and get it, says Hemal Ashar (Mid-Day).

The leader cons the reader
The Times of India began by devaluing editors. Devaluing journalism is the next logical step. Selling news brought the paper Rs 18 crores in 2003-2004. By Sevanti Ninan (The Hoot)

Indian media blog shuts down after legal threats from Times of India
By Mark Glaser in the Online Journalism Review

ToI editors don't know what a spoof is
A post at C**S**F by Suhail Kazi with over a hundred delicious comments

Times of India: Jewel of journalism
Posting at Sepia Mutiny by Manish Vij

Jivha's archives on the Slimes of India
Ex-blogger Jivha used to regularly blog about his favourite paper.

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-- Blogger Anvita Thapliyal, 6/05/2005 06:57:00 pm

absolutely right man!
PS: intelligent blog! :)    

-- Blogger Suhail, 6/08/2005 06:59:00 am

LOL. btw, it's not surprising that the company description section contains not a word about journalism....media conglomerate, infotainment, radio, technology..alright..but no journalism. Atleast ToI shd be given brownie points for being truthful, what say ;-)    

-- Anonymous Anonymous, 6/13/2005 12:23:00 am

Hmmmm, seems a case of sour grapes. you are obviously jealous of stephanians    

-- Blogger shaun, 6/13/2005 07:49:00 pm

Well, as it happens, I am a Stephanian, and don't see the need to advertsie that. But who are you?    

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