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Ucchay Burj Lahore Dey

When in my life will I see the city of Lahore? My previous attempts in this endeavour have not had much success. This poem by Harris Khalique increases the urgency of my desire. It is from Harris' book Between You and Your Love (Karachi, 2004). If you are in Delhi and would like a copy, please ask me.

The Rivers

The Ravi and The Pride, two rivers.
Many canals taken out.
Liquid history flowing everywhere.
Certain and raw.
The Ravi holds finesse and wisdom.
The Pride, emotion and wonderment.
The two meet.
The confluence is Lahore.

In spring and summers
nothing is ambivalent
on the banks of the rivers.
Women, men, children, bazaars,
buildings, parks and kites.
Each has an opinion on the other.
Like the critics of literature and art.
Life oozes out from every pore of Lahore.

Winter brings a bit of murkiness.
The fog of The Pride is thicker than the fog of The Ravi.
Rich friends who are no more acquainted with you
invite you to dinners outside,
shiver when the fire is out.
Common folk, warm and friendly,
pray the towers of Lahore become taller *
when the fog is gone.

* ucchay burj Lahore dey

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-- Blogger Suhail, 6/05/2005 10:28:00 am

Superb shot! and nice poetry. And why not provide links to Jivha(&CSF) ? Jivha's chronicles are like an encyclopaedia for Slimes bashing.

Is burj = minarets ?

btw, I hv seen this template only with WordPress blogs (who own their own domain). Can you point me out from where you got this template for blogspot?    

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