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Mall Road

Bus Addey, Maal Rode, Camp, Madal Toun, Ajadpur, Shalimaar...

Strange conversations

Some emails here...

Dear Shivam,
I want to ask about the blogger's meet. What you guys will do tomorrow ? It is starting at 5 pm, right ? And when will it end ? And also, why don't you all post your pictures in your blogs?
Regards, *****

My reply: there's no bloggers meet tomorrow! it was last week!

Stranger: If you want to say no to me be honest & direct. I also have better things to do. ; - )

Me: no, no, if you want to come for the ZESTPoets meet you are most welcome. just bring sme poetry in hand. see this.

Stranger: What if i don't have any poetry? Can i come empty handed? Just to meet and listen to you people? ; - )
or Is it okay if i bring someone else's poetry?

Me: it's okay to bring someone else's poetry. The ZESTPoets meets are not for 'networking' but for poetry.

Stranger: then no point coming there..........i had enough of poetry. I prefer those who live poetic life than just write poetry.

Me: okay



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-- Blogger Aparna Ray, 9/10/2005 08:03:00 pm

Lol...strange conversations indeed!    

-- Blogger Sakshi, 9/10/2005 08:10:00 pm

heheheheheeh.....poor you.    

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