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Mall Road

Bus Addey, Maal Rode, Camp, Madal Toun, Ajadpur, Shalimaar...

What a wimp!

This blog may be called Mall Road but has not a single picture of the area. Partly because I haven't yet got myself a digicam and partly because I've been too lazy about this blog (evident by the diminishing output). So one Sunday I managed to persuade my friend Srinivas, a brilliant photographer, to go with me to Mall Road and take arbit photos. We took nearly 200, of which about 10 should find their way as random header images in Mall Road's new WordPress site. In the meanwhile, I'll be posting some of those images here, images I have something to say about. Let's begin with the very last pix, the one we took while walking back from Mall Road.

On Chattra Marg (detest that name!) there is a bus stand called "Delhi University", because the Vice Chancellor's office, for some reason, is called "Delhi University". There's only one bus that passes through Chattra Marg all day - DTC bus number 212, ferrying its passengers to Nand Nagri. The bus stops on this road are perfect love spots for certain kind of love birds - certainly not the sort found in my college, who believe in public display of affection rather than cladestine meetings in a bus stop.

I saw a couple there and asked Srinivas to take out the camera and shoot the couple! Fast! Don't worry, they won't beat us up or take away your camera.

They didn't.

Copyright G Srinivas - click to enlarge

Honestly, I expected the guy to cross the road and shout and scream at us, but all he did was to shift towards the left so that his lady love's face would not be visible, depriving Mall Road's readers the opportunity to admire her.

What a wimp, I thought.

Etchical issues? Privacy? Voyeurism? Sexual harassment, even? Now either we could take the photograph or worry about ethics. I wanted this snap because I thought it is a part of my experience of walking down to Mall Road from my college every now and then.

You're mad, said Srinivas.

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-- Blogger Satya, 9/06/2005 11:21:00 am

you are right in calling him a wimp
ethically he should've beaten u guys up :P

cheerz mate ;)    

-- Blogger kunal, 9/06/2005 11:20:00 pm

agree with satya, totally

nice pic though, who dares wins? :)

nice posts, next time u organize a blog meet, no quizzing fundas b/w urs truly and praths, the 'TAM BRAM'


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