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The art of writing legal notices

Everyone knows what IIPM is all about. They seem to have only increased their lack of credibility by doing this. It's been quite some time I laughed so much.

For more, see this.

JAM may be a populist dishrag, but they deserve kudos for this. Also see the second and third parts of the story.

Join the war, guys.

I don't need to tell you how dubious IIPM is, because anyone who is serious about an MBA already knows it.

Sue me too, Mr Arindam Chaudhuri! Send it to mallroad at shivamvij dot com :)

Update 1: Others joining the issue: Harini, Srini, Charu, Anshul, Amrit, Muthuvel, Thalassa Mikra, Jagan, Vijay Krishna, Vatsan, Jo, Varna, Swaroop CH, Shivam, Ash, Abi, Jujitsu, Uma, Shub, Rajan, Havoc, Abhishek, Chandrachoodan, Kaushik, Alpha-Q, Mandar, Kaushal, Chenthil, Anthony, Bonatellis, Apurv, Scudie, Sriyansa, Miss J, Neha, Tablepost, Chitthacharcha, Saket, Dhananjay, Sriram, The Comic Project, Gawker, Nilu, Ian, Jabberwock, Niket, Ravikiran, Hitchiker, Vinaya. [Got this list via Desipundit and will keep updating it.]

Update 2: Someone claiming to be an ex-IIPM student and an ex-IIPM employee has set up a new blog on the issue.

Update 3: Oh, and JAM too got a legal notice.

Update 4: Gaurav Sabnis has had to resign from his job because of the issue. I will make another posting on the whole tamasha soon.

Update 5: Amit Verma has an excellent post here.

-- Blogger K, 10/10/2005 03:56:00 pm

Shut your blog down. These are all malicious lies about Mr Ponytail. Or else you'll have to tie Mr Ponytail's Ponytail for the next year. Or something like that....

-- Blogger K, 10/10/2005 06:45:00 pm

PS: how was the Bloggers meet in Dilli?    

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