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Delhi bloggers meet on Sunday

It's that time of the month again. Delhi's bloggers will meet for a Bombay style bloggers meet on Sunday 9 October at 5 pm at the open terrace of the Indian Coffee House in CP. I chose this venue over Barista or CCD as these cafes are not conducive to intelligent conversation (though they are very conducive to dating). It's the music, you know.

Getting there: The Indian Coffee House is on the second floor of Mohan Singh Place, a building just next to Rivoli cinema. Rivoli cinema is just behind Regal cinema. Regal is a major Connaught Place bus stand, walking distance from the Delhi Metro's "Rajiv Chowk" (blah, blah) station.

Who organises the Delhi bloggers meet? The last one was organised by Saket Vaidya, and this one is being organised by me. One of those attending the meet will be requested to volunteer to organise the next one. This is a process as democratic and non-hierarchical as the blog mela, and has been copied from the Bombay bloggers meet.

What do I mean by Bombay-style meets? Once again, it's self-explanatory. If you haven't read any Bombay bloggers meets' reports, then read one and you will know what I mean!

Who can attend the meet? Anyone who is in Delhi-NCR on Sunday 9 October 2005 at 5 pm and has a blog.

What will be do there? There would be, I assure you, no flies to kill at the Indian Coffee House. The meet is an opportunity for bloggers to meet. We could talk about issues that we have been posting about, we could exchange notes with Saket about handling CSS or moving to Wordpress. We could bitch about blogger's slow evolution considering the changes that are coming about in blogging softwares. We could ask Samit on how to get Penguin to buy our manuscripts or we could exchange notes about Google Earth with Jabberwock. We could ask The Compulsive Confessor the secret of getting 20 plus comments for every post, and we could ask Dhiraj why his 'Bodhi Shop' has been converted into a 'Bodhi Shoppers' Guide'. (When a businessman becomes a shoppers' guide, how objective can he be?) And be careful about whether River is caricaturing you. Dilip D'Souza is in Delhi and I will try to persuade him to join us. Lastly, I am rather fond of the mince cutlet at the Indian Coffee House.

See you there!

I apologise for posting about the event only one day in advance. I just realised that I would be busy with other things on the remaining Sundays of the month.

Please spread the word by blogging about the event.

The previous Delhi bloggers' meet: a report by Saket.

ZESTPoets offline meet at the Indian Coffee House: a report by me of the June meet (with pictures by Anand) and one of the September meet by Dhiraj.

Via Desipundit, just saw a spoof blog meet by Karthik.

-- Blogger _, 10/10/2005 03:50:00 pm

how do i get invited in one!!
- Shameless self inviter!!

PS: Please post back at my blog!! i dont think i would find my way back, and no i have not heard about bookmarks or anything even remotely related!!

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